I want to become a d.velop app builder

Get your app going with d.velop. Our agile app landscape lets you roll your features out to customers with speed. From authentication to the process engine, everything is there and ready for you. 

Step 1: Onboarding

How does an app end up on the d.velop cloud? It’s simpler than you think. The d.velop cloud has no location, framework or language. Like the internet, the d.velop cloud is a network of microservices. Everything you need is an HTTP end point that can be accessed via the internet. Whether that end point is with a cloud provider or in your basement is up to you. Read all about the basics of d.velop cloud app development here or arrange an onboarding appointment with our coaches.

Step 2: Strategy

It's always difficult getting started. Can your idea be achieved? What can other apps do for you? And what are the prospects of success? No need to worry. Our coaches are there for you. Just arrange an onboarding appointment with us and let us show you the way!

  • No ideas for your own app? Or maybe you have a good idea but don’t have anyone to develop it? Join our app builder community and exchange your knowledge with other app builders.
  • Would you also like to serve on-premises customers? That’s easier than you think. On the following page we explain what differences are involved and how you can provide your app to the whole world with minimal effort: Cloud, On-Premises oder Hybrid.

Step 3: Code

Time to get down to business. Develop your first prototypes and launch them in the cloud. And you can do it all with the tools you feel most comfortable with. C# instead of Go? Or maybe you prefer MEAN? AWS, Azure, or just a few Raspberry Pis in the basement to start with? The choice is yours. You decide!

  • Use the APIs of our apps and apply them in the background so you don’t have to do all the coding yourself.
  • Use our templates and SDKs to get a quick start in the cloud.
  • Take a look at our tutorials ("Resources > Become an App builder") for even more examples
  • Use our design systems for an intuitive user perspective.
  • Follow our Security Guidelines to ensure everything stays secure for the customer
  • Our coaches are there to assist you. You get quick and direct help for your questions.

Step 4: Security

Is your app ready? Then get it over to the store. Before we get going, there is still the matter of the security review, because security is a top priority at d.velop. But don’t worry. Our security architects are not there to hassle you; they just want to ensure the cloud is safe for everyone. If you stick to the security guidelines, absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Step 5: Sale

Here we go. Design your own store page with us and showcase your app to our customers. Reach more customers than ever before with our marketing collaborations.

Have we piqued your interest? Or are you still not convinced? Arrange an onboarding appointment with us and let’s get going. Our customers are waiting for your app.